Fender VG Stratocaster Sun Burst

Price: $999.99

5 MODES OF THE VG STRATOCASTER® The 5-way selectable “Mode” control is what you will use to choose among the VG’s distinct modeling modes. While in each mode, simply use the blade 5-way selector switch to switch pickups as if you are playing the guitar type that you’ve selected. Here are the modes: • Normal (N): In this non-modeling mode, your guitar uses it's three standard Strat pickups only and plays like a standard Stratocaster® guitar. • Modeled Stratocaster (S): In this modeling mode, your guitar plays with the sound of a slightly different Stratocaster tone, but with some new possibilities. You now have the option of a 12-string sound or several different alternate tunings (see page 11). • Telecaster (T): In this modeling mode, the guitar plays with the sound of a Telecaster guitar. The 'snap' of the bridge position, the 'chirp' of the middle position, it's all there. And of course there's the option of the 12-string sound and the alternate tunings. • Humbucking Pickups (H): In this modeling mode, your guitar plays with the sound of two high output humbucking pickups; one in the neck position and one in the bridge position. This is the mode where you’ll find that oh-so desirable warm, full tone you’d expect from high end humbucking pickups. • Acoustic (A): In this modeling mode, your guitar plays with the warm, full sound of an acoustic guitar. In this position the blade switch switches between various acoustic tones from the warmth of a dreadnought to the bright, cutting sound of a resonator’s smooth bluesy twang