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      ESP LTD M-201 - $279.99

      Bolt-on maple neck
      Bound rosewood fretboard
      Bound reverse headstock
      2 EMG Hi-Z pickups
      Floyd Rose tremolo

      Includes hard shell case.

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      Fender VG Stratocaster Sun Burst - $999.99

      5 MODES OF THE VG STRATOCASTER® The 5-way selectable “Mode” control is what you will use to choose among the VG’s distinct modeling modes. While in each mode, simply use the blade 5-way selector switch to switch pickups as if you are playing the guitar type that you’ve selected. Here are the modes: • Normal (N): In this non-modeling mode, your guitar uses it's three standard Strat pickups only and plays like a standard Stratocaster® guitar. • Modeled Stratocaster (S): In this modeling mode, your guitar plays with the sound of a slightly different Stratocaster tone, but with some new possibilities. You now have the option of a 12-string sound or several different alternate tunings (see page 11). • Telecaster (T): In this modeling mode, the guitar plays with the sound of a Telecaster guitar. The 'snap' of the bridge position, the 'chirp' of the middle position, it's all there. And of course there's the option of the 12-string sound and the alternate tunings. • Humbucking Pickups (H): In this modeling mode, your guitar plays with the sound of two high output humbucking pickups; one in the neck position and one in the bridge position. This is the mode where you’ll find that oh-so desirable warm, full tone you’d expect from high end humbucking pickups. • Acoustic (A): In this modeling mode, your guitar plays with the warm, full sound of an acoustic guitar. In this position the blade switch switches between various acoustic tones from the warmth of a dreadnought to the bright, cutting sound of a resonator’s smooth bluesy twang

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      Ibanez JS-700 - $499.99

      Ibanez JS700. The JS700 has a mahogany body with ultra-fast mahogany neck, both are rare features for a JS model. Other features include Korean made Sky P90 pickups and a Short Stop II bridge. A super fun guitar that plays like a dream! The JS700 was available in the USA until 1999

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      Martin Style O Uke - $799.00

      This is a remarkably clean Style O soprano uke. Nary a blemish! Bought from an elderly lady who told us she bought it in college and never played it. Seriously! Why buy new when 60 year old wood will do? These things are a bargain! Includes the cute, very original blue zippered carry case.