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How do I begin the process of setting up lessons?
Feel free to visit our “Apply Online” page. Here, we’ll take a look at your interests, goals, and scheduling preferences in-depth. We’ll then be happy to match you up with an instructor that fits your personality and scheduling needs.

Where do lessons take place?
Lessons take place in our private studios, located in the back of the shop. We also have a waiting area just outside for your convenience.

How long are lessons?
Lessons are typically scheduled in half hour blocks. Scheduling is subject to instructor availability.

How do I pay for my lesson?
Payments for lessons are made directly to the instructor.

If I need to make a cancellation, who do I contact?
You will need to contact your instructor directly. If they are unavailable, you may call the shop and we can relay the cancellation for you.

Is there any sort of contract or long term commitment required?
There is no long term commitment required. You can feel free to cancel or take a break at any time.

Do I need my own guitar?
Yes. Not only is it important for you to have your own instrument for lessons, but it’s also vital for practicing at home. We offer several affordable options for the beginner, all the way up to higher end pieces for more advanced students. We’re happy to assist you in picking out the perfect piece that suits your needs and your budget.

Am I too young/old to start learning how to play guitar?
You’re never too young/old to start playing! We encourage people of all ages to enjoy the fulfillment and growth involved with learning music, no matter the age!